How to take good care of the beer

Enjoying Schneider Weisse
Wheat beer is a very sensual type of beer, as it has special qualities of its own. Among the fixed rituals are pouring it and clinking glasses. Both differ very much from other types of beer.

Rinse a clean original 0.5 l wheat beer glass with cold water, hold it at a slight angle and pour the well-refrigerated Schneider Weisse in the glass. Important: the neck of the bottle mustn't be "washed". To get the full yeasty taste you leave a swallow of beer (in Bavarian: "Noagerl") in the bottle, roll the bottle between your hands before pouring out this last bit.

Clinking glasses
You clink glasses with their lower part: the foot. There are some reasons for doing so. The glasses are stable enough; it has been a tradition in Bavaria, and it sounds well. In addition, the carbon dioxide "gathers new speed" by the clinking. You did it. Now you can move the glass to your lips and enjoy the beer; slowly and thoroughly. Cheers!

And now some more general tips:


  • Best at 8-12° C, dark
  • As far as possible avoid changes of temperature

How to take care of the glasses:

  • Wash the glasses by hand if possible and rinse them well; residues and rinsing agents destroy the fine-porous foam
  • Turn glasses upside down for drying. Don't polish them.
  • Keep the glasses in a dust free and inodorous cupboard

Now you are a real wheat beer professional and you will cut a dash as a host.