The "Schneider Bräuhäuser"

Experience authentic Bavarian hospitality in one of our three "Schneider Bräuhäuser"

The "Schneider Bräuhaus" in Munich, Tal:
The "Schneider Bräuhaus" in Munich, Tal is the founding place of our brewery. It is the place where the founder of the company, Georg Schneider I., brewed his first Schneider Weisse Original in 1872. Now as before, it is regarded as one of the most beautiful and traditional beerhaus in this region.
Schneider Bräuhaus Kelheim:
Here you are very close to the "source of Schneider Weisse": The Schneider Bräuhaus Kelheim is located on the premises of our brewery. Many bicycle tourists and lots of locals come to its cosy rooms and the romantic beer garden to relax and enjoy life. 
Schneider Bräuhaus in Munich, Laim:
Schneider Bräuhaus in Munich, Laim:
You are looking for a romantic beer garden in Munich? Then you should drop in at the Schneider Bräuhaus in ‚Berg am Laim'. The refreshing beer specialities and the Bavarian traditional dishes have been the reasons for many a visitor to become a regular guest.